Testimonials from Authors

At the bottom of each page on my site is an author’s acknowledgement from a published book. The following testimonials are in addition to those published acknowledgements, which I hope you will read as well. My thanks to all these authors for their kind words.

Marianne provided me with the sort of excellent, high-quality service I am accustomed to receiving from large publishing houses. I was impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail, as well as her promptness. She knows her stuff! I recommend her highly.

William Kowalski (The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo, self-published)

Marianne, this book is one hundred times better because of your attention to detail, so thank you. You’ve been nothing short of amazing and very, very sharp in your insights. You really are one of—maybe even the—best editor(s) I’ve ever worked with. 

Gerard Collins (The Hush Sisters, Breakwater Books)

Marianne, thank you so much for your editing. You’ve really helped me have clarity and make the story the one I wanted to write. I actually cried when I read it, as it is what I wanted, versus an idea that would never quite be fully formed. Thank you again.

Andrea Torrey Balsara (The Great & the Small, Common Deer Press)

Thank you so much for your assistance with this manuscript. You helped tremendously with the continuity, plausibility, and so much more. I have extensive experience as a nonfiction writer, but this is my first attempt at fiction. I pretty much learned through the editing process what to do and not do. I like that you seem to genuinely care about the story and how it comes together. That means a lot. 

Bette Cahill (A Dangerous Age, unpublished)

I worked with Marianne Ward on the content and line edits for my middle grade novel, The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House (Acorn Press) and can honestly say I’m thrilled with the result.

Marianne was professional yet endearing throughout our partnership. She ensured I was comfortable with the process, expertly gauging my comfort level with confidence and empathy. I enjoyed a wonderful back-and-forth with her through email and manuscript, finding her insights fascinating. I love the editing process and Marianne reinforced that for me.

Because of her, my novel has a polish and professionalism I can be proud of. I’m very much looking forward to working with her again.


Patti Larsen

Marianne is consistent and supportive without overstepping her role. Her questions and suggestions are clear and succinct while her recommended deletions and changes only serve to improve my work. Most importantly for me, she has never attempted to undermine my unique tradesman-inspired prose.

With Marianne’s help, I’ve developed a strong writing style and creative process. She edited my full length non-fiction manuscript, which was quickly accepted by a prominent Canadian publisher.

I’m certain Marianne’s enthusiasm and commitment will provide any writer or publisher with a profitable edge in today’s competitive literary market. I fully intend to retain her services for all my upcoming projects.


Bruce MacNab (The Metamorphosis: The Apprenticeship of Harry Houdini, Goose Lane Editions, winner of the 2013 Atlantic Publishers’ Marketing Association Best Atlantic-Published Book Award)

Marianne Ward is an outstanding editor: prompt, challenging, kind, and very smart. The combination of criticism and encouragement she brings to every project has inspired me to turn to her for advice several times. I always appreciate her thoughtful and clear comments and suggestions about my writing, and I often recommend her work to friends and colleagues searching for an editor who’s not afraid to suggest substantial changes to a manuscript, but who also knows just when to offer reassurance.

Sarah Emsley

It’s hard to come up with the best words to express my appreciation for Marianne’s very thorough and thoughtful review of my manuscript.

Marianne’s astute comments and suggestions were very helpful in my revisions. Our discussion inspired me to consider alternate approaches, and the insightful questions she asked really pushed me to think about how to improve my story. Following her advice, I worked at making my characters more realistic and convincing, and developing the plot to increase the intensity. The resulting draft is now in the hands of an acclaimed Canadian publisher, who has expressed interest.

I have recommended Marianne to my writer colleagues and I will seek her guidance on future manuscripts. She is an excellent editor.


Marcia Barss

Marianne Ward edited my YA novel, Buried Truths (Tuckamore Books, April 2013) at the core of which is a mystery. Marianne was instrumental in helping me work with the dual storyline, offering suggestions to make the surprise ending more plausible. I highly recommend Marianne as an editor.

Yours Sincerely,

Alice Walsh

Thanks again, Marianne, for the excellent editing of my work. You have done such a wonderful job. You really have made this manuscript “sing.”

I am very happy with the final result and with the speed of your revisions. I appreciate all the comments and advice you gave – your background as a musician really came in handy. If I (or my colleagues) should need an editor in the future, I’ll be sure to recommend you.

All the best,

Maria Noreiga Rachwal (From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall, Second Story Press)

Hi Marianne,

Thanks again for all your help. It’s a much sharper book than it would have been without it.

Warmly yours,

Philip Roy (Me & Mr. Bell, Cape Breton University Press, winner of numerous awards and accolades)

Thank you for all of your comments. They are very helpful. I knew there were spots to build on, but I needed a fresh set of eyes to help me pinpoint where. When I read the comments I hear myself saying in my head, “Oh. Yeah. That would be better!” I am anxious to get started.

I have taken several workshops over the years and they have been wonderful. But I am really enjoying this one-on-one work, now…. This process seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

Melanie Mosher (Goth Girl, eventually published by Nimbus Publishing)


I’ve always felt there is at least one downside to becoming a really successful older writer.  Then, it seems to me, publishing houses and editors are reluctant to touch the manuscript, and it suffers.  Many are the times I’ve read the last works of an older, favourite writer and thought , “He really needed a good editor.”  Fortunately, I’ve found one.  Been though all the comments now and really like what you’ve done.  It’s cleaner, more focused.  I’m very grateful for your work. 


Clive Doucet (Grandfather’s House: Returning to Cape Breton, Nimbus Publishing, nominated for the 2020 Dartmouth Book Award for Non-fiction)

I’ve gone through your notes. You’ve done a good job in identifying areas of weakness and made some great suggestions for improvement.  Your perspective is exactly what I needed – even though I don’t relish the thought of having to dive back in and make the changes. There isn’t anything you’ve said I can disagree with and since this is the first time I’ve tried writing a murder mystery your observations are very helpful.

Thanks for your work.

Best wishes,

Douglas Logan (A Matter of Thyme)