This is a selection of the many books I’ve edited. Unless otherwise indicated, these are titles for which I was the primary (substantive) editor.


Goth Girl cover

Young Adult

Goth Girl, Melanie Mosher (subsequently published by Nimbus)

The Secret of the Golden Flower, Caroline Stellings (Second Story Press)

The Manager, Caroline Stellings (CBU Press)

Buried Truths, Alice Walsh (Creative Book Publishing)Secret of the Golden Flower cover

Seven Secrets of the Universe, Judy Johnson (self-published)

Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, Patti Larson (Acorn Press)

Somewhere I Belong, Glenna Jenkins (Acorn Press; copy-edit)

The Manager cover

Blood Brothers in Louisbourg, Philip Roy (CBU Press; copy-edit)

Uncertain Soldier, Karen Bass (Pajama Press; proofread)


Me & Mr. Bell, Philip Roy (CBU Press)

Us & Them, Hugh R. MacDonald (CBU Press)

Me & Mr. Bell cover

Sky Pony, Elaine Breault Hammond (Acorn Press)

The Extraordinary Life of Anna Swan (non-fiction), Anne Renaud (CBU Press)

Trapper Boy, Hugh R. MacDonald (CBU Press; proofread)


In the Wake cover

The Love Olympics, Claire Wilkshire (Breakwater Books, copy-edit)

love, life, Berni Stapleton (Breakwater Books, copy-edit)

Instructor, Beth Follett (Breakwater Books, copy-edit)

The Hush Sisters, Gerard Collins (Breakwater Books)

Mercy, Mercy, Marlene Stanton (Acorn Press)

In the Wake, Nicola Davison (Vagrant Press; proofread)

Mary, Mary, Lesley Crewe (Vagrant Press; proofread)

Outcast, Darren Greer (self-published; copy-edit)

The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo, William Kowalksi (self-published; copy-edit)POLISH-RESTAURANT-COVER-small

Disposable Souls, Phonse Jessome (Vagrant Press; proofread)

Never Speak of This Again, Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy (subsequently published by Pottersfield Press)

Immortal Air, Tracey Rombough (CBU Press)

Fireburn, Apple Gidley (OC Publishing; copy-edit)

Disposable Souls cover

Transfer, Apple Gidley (OC Publishing; copy-edit)

The Entangling, Ainslie Stewart (developmental and substantive editing prior to a successful submission to a publisher)

Beach Reading, Lorne Elliott  (Acorn Press; copy-edit)

Crossings, A.J.B. Johnston (CBU Press; proofread)

The Maze, A.J.B. Johnston (CBU Press; proofread)

Thomas: A Secret Life, A.J.B. Johnston (CBU Press; proofread)

Clara's Gifts Cover

Picture Books

Clara’s Gifts: A Retelling of The Nutcracker (co-author with Leica Hardy; illustrations by Emma VanZeumeren; self-published)

Yaffle’s Journey, Nancy Keating (Tuckamore Books)

Yaffle's Journey cover

If It’s No Trouble, A Big Polar Bear, Lisa Dalrymple (Tuckamore Books; copy-edit)


General (Trade)

For Nimbus Publishing:

Mayann Francis: An Hourable Life, The Hon. Dr. Mayann Francis

Grandfather’s House: Returning to Cape Breton, Clive DoucetMayann Francis cover

Casey: The Remarkable, Untold Story of Frederick Walker “Casey” Baldwin, Gentleman, Genius, and Alexander Graham Bell’s Canadian Protegé, John G. Langley

With These Hands: Traditional Arts, Crafts, and Trades of Atlantic Canada, Don MacLean

Anne of Green Gables: The Original Manuscript, L. M. Montgomery, edited by Carolyn Strom Collins (proofread)Anne, the original manuscript, cover

Noble Goals, Dedicated Doctors: The Story of Dalhousie Medical School, Dr. T. Jock Murray

East Coast Crafted: The Essential Guide to the Beers, Breweries, and Brewpubs of Atlantic Canada, Christopher Reynolds and Whitney Moran (proofread)

Andrew Cobb: Architect and Artist, Janet KitzAndrew Cobb cover

Grandma Says, Cindy Day (shortlisted for the 2013 Best Atlantic-Published Book Award)

Maritime Murders, Steve Vernon

Grandma Says cover

A Lifetime of Rug-Hooking, Doris Eaton

Bluenose, Monica Graham

Rum-running, Allison Lawlor

What I Learned About Politics, Graham Steele (proofread)

Fire in the Belly, Gordon Pitts (proofread)

For Acorn Press:

Ni'n na L'nu cover

Ni’n na L’nu: The Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island, Jesse Francis and A.J.B. Johnston (copy-edit; winner of the 2014 Best Atlantic-Published Book Award)

For Second Story Press:

From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall: The Story of the Montreal Women’s Orchestra, Maria Noriega Rachwal

From Kitchen To Carnegie Hall coverFor Bruce MacNab, author:

The Metamorphosis: The Apprenticeship of Harry Houdini

(developmental and substantive editing prior to a successful submission to Goose Lane Editions; winner of the 2013 Best Atlantic-Published Book Award)

Academic (for Fernwood Publishing)

Generation Rising coverGeneration Rising: The Time of the Québec Student Spring, Shawn Katz

The Tragedy of Social Democracy, Sirvan Karimi

Cantwells’ Way: A Natural History of the Cape Spear Lightstation, James E. Candow       

Resources, Empire and Labour, David Leadbeater (ed.)       

Peasants and the Art of Farming cover

Resisting the State and Gender and Sexuality, Scott Neigh

Climate@Work, Carla Lipsig-Mummé

Peasants and the Art of Farming: A Chayanovian Manifesto, Jan Douwe van der Ploeg

Public Sector Unions in the Age of Austerity, Stephanie Ross and Larry Savage (eds)

Hungry for Change coverHungry for Change: Farmers, Food Justice and the Agrarian Question, A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi

Resisting the State: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists, Scott Neigh

Gender & Sexuality: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists, Scott Neigh

“Marianne, This book is a better book because of you. Thank you.”

  • Phonse Jessome, Disposable Souls